Advice dating man married

22-Aug-2017 03:00

Getting a man from meeting on dating websites to admitting that he’s ready to walk up the aisle can seem harder than getting to the top of Mount Everest.

But if you take some time to understand what can make a man decide to commit forever, you’ll be well on the way to a long and fulfilling relationship.

Perhaps surprisingly, Dependability has always been important to men – Dependability has been in the top five desirable qualities, ever since records began. “Mutual Attraction and Love” is the number one quality men look for in a future wife. Marriage has changed in recent years – as we all become more self-sufficient, marriage is no longer about forming families and gaining independence from parents. But it’s wonderful to know that ideally, above all else, what they like to do is still meet a woman, fall in love and live happily ever after – with a quick trip up the aisle long the way.

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This reinforces a trend we’ve seen in our Love Geist survey as time goes on: today’s daters are looking for stable relationships where partners can support one another emotionally, through the hard times.

Some added relationship advice here – it’s not about money: Love Geist found that ‘thoughtful gestures’ are far more popular than ‘extravagant gifts’. It’s only since the 1980s that Love has made the top spot – before 1983, Dependability, Emotional Stability and a Pleasing Disposition All out-ranked Love.

While youthful 20-somethings don’t mind a bit of high-drama from their girlfriends, it becomes less popular with time and “an easy-going, kind personality” was given as the reason why most men in their 40s settled down with their wives.

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