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tertiary education management editorial european journal of education higher education employment european journal of education wavelength conversion by cross gain modulation in a semiconductor laser amplifier in semiconductor integrated optoelectronics (sioe) conference cardiff wales uk 1995 'origins of analytical philosophy' by michael dummett journal of the history of philosophy salmon on fregean approaches to the paradox of analysis philosophical studies truth in frege's 'law of truth' synthese the status of expressive content british journal of aesthetics measurement of 23na transverse relaxation in vivo the flip-angle-independent experiment journal of magnetic resonance series b three-dimensional triple-quantum filtration 23na nmr imaging journal of magnetic resonance series b the 25 amino acid residues at the carboxy terminus of the herpes simplex virus type 1 ul26 5 protein are required for the formation of the capsid shell around the scaffold journal of general virology attempted modulation of hsv infection of neurons in culture by fibroblast growth factor journal of neurovirology professor anita harding quarterly journal of medicine blood pressure points practice nurse burrowing behaviour burrow architecture in apodemus sylvaticus (rodentia) zeitschrift für säugetierkunde records of early english drama reflections of a hardened user medieval english theatre york plays urban piety the case of nicholas blackburn mercer archiv fuer das studium der neueren sprachen und literaturen early advaita vedānta the date authorship of the gauḍapādīya-kārikā indo-iranian journal is “buddha-nature” buddhist?numen early advaita vedānta buddhism the mahāyāna context of the gauḍapapādīya-kārikā series suny series in religious studies state university of new york press castlemilk east co-operative the residents view 1989-1994 project report castlemilk east housing co-operative housing co-operatives potential unfulfilled in pinto r (ed ) developments in housing management ownership manchester university press manchester 76-99 interim evaluation of the whitfield partnership project report central research unit edinburgh minimization of reactive power flow in switched reluctance generators in ipec'95 international power electronics conference yokohama japan 3- 1022-1026 angels heroes stories of modernity in pater baudelaire glasgow review modernism post-modernism the duplicity of innovation gramma journal of theory criticism modal analysis of the low pressure frame of a steam turbine in asme international joint power conference minneapolis usa 8- 275-287 natural vibration analysis of the low-pressure frame of a steam turbine in 3rd national conference on dynamical systems in theory application lodz poland 6th december 1995 173-178 american dialect research edited by dennis r preston journal of pidgin creole languages near threshold photoproduction of η mesons off the proton physical review letters photoproduction of eta-mesons near-threshold - 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a test using cytochrome b mitochondrial dna sequences proceedings of the national academy of sciences of the united states of america the performance of former in-house access students at a scottish university journal of access studies overexpression of the herpes simplex virus type 1 tegument protein vp22 increases its incorporation into virus particles virology out-of-hospital cardiac arrest due to coronary heart disease a comparison of survival before after the introduction of defibrillators in ambulances heart partial advance information response preparation inferences from the lateralized readiness potential journal of experimental psychology general from the cabaret voltaire to the kaufleutensaal “mapping” zurich dada in pichon b riha k (eds ) dada zurich a clown’s game from nothing g k hall artificial evolution of neural networks its application to feedback control artificial intelligence in engineering a uniform approach to model-based fuzzy control system design structural optimisation in herrera f verdegay j -l (eds ) genetic algorithms soft computing physica-verlag 129-151 genetic algorithm automated approach to the design of sliding mode control systems international journal of control direct design of uniform lti controllers from plant i/o data using a parallel evolutionary algorithm in ukacc international conference on control 1996 2- 680-686 (doi 10 1049/cp 19960633 mapping with numbers journal of english linguistics comparison of rehabilitation practice on hospital wards for stroke patients stroke energetics of cyclodextrin-induced dissociation of insulin european biophysics journal with biophysics letters endothelin in chronic heart failure current position future prospects cardiovascular research a numerical simulation of unsteady flow in a two-dimensional collapsible channel journal of fluid mechanics synthetic receptors based on peptidosulfonamide peptidomimetics tetrahedron letters total photoabsorption cross sections for h-1 h-2 he-3 from 200 to 800 mev physical review c exchange rate economics in warner m (ed ) international encyclopedia of business management routledge london long-run exchange rate modeling a reply to moosa imf staff papers panel unit root tests real exchange rates economics letters currency forecasters are heterogeneous confirmation consequences journal of international money finance hétérogénéité des prévisionnistes une exploration des anticipations sur le marché des changes economie et prevision long-run purchasing power parity structural change economie appliquee pip - a large solid angle scintillation telescope for detecting protons pions nuclear instruments methods in physics research section a accelerators spectrometers detectors associated equipment quasifree π production studied using the c12(γ π n)b11 reaction in the δ(1232) resonance region physical review c review of ontology casuality mind essays in honour of d m armstrong edited by j bacon k campbell l reinhardt british journal for the philosophy of science optical comb generator as an efficient short-pulse source optics letters social ethical issues in the new genetics in peckham m smith r (eds ) scientific basis of health services bmj publishing group 2-50 gender differences in health are things really as simple as they seem?

probation journal referenda citizens' ballots the scope limitations of direct democracy at local level series cld research report 15 commission for local democracy london separation of sequence requirements for hsv-1 vmw110 multimerisation interaction with a 135-kda cellular protein virology contribution of perindopril in the treatment of congestive heart failure drugs of today widows bishops the struggle for authority in the didascalia apostolorum journal of ecclesiastical history review of lewis a ibbetson d (1994) 'the roman law tradition' law quarterly review intracellular effects of free radicals reactive oxygen species in cardiac muscle journal of human hypertension the o-16(gamma p) reaction at e-gamma=60 72-mev nuclear physics a faults unbalance forces in the switched reluctance machine ieee transactions on industry applications distortion of size perception in visuospatial neglect current biology stable-isotope amino acid profiles of the new zealand giant pliocene oyster crussostreu ingens lethaia ingaasp/inp strained mqw laser with integrated mode size converter using the shadow masked growth technique in seventh international conference on indium phosphide related materials 9- hokkaido japan ieee computer society piscataway n j usa 717-720 a halmozottan hátrányos helyzetű gömöri térség szociálgeográfiai vizsgálata = social-geographical study of an underpriviledged region in gömör dimenziók felső-magyarországi szemle unstable triplet repeat diseases circulation somatic mosaicism germline expansions germline reversions intergenerational reductions in myotonic dystrophy males small pool pcr analyses human molecular genetics initial serum antibody titer to porphyromonas gingivalis influences development of antibody avidity success of therapy for chronic periodontitis infection immunity social group trends in smoking in wales 1985–1993 in slama k (ed ) tobacco health springer peptides containing the sulfonamide transition-state isostere synthesis structure of n-acetyl-tauryl-l-proline methylamide international journal of peptide protein research freswick links caithness excavation survey of a norse settlement series north atlantic biocultural organisation monograph 1 highland libraries in association with the highland archaeology service the north atlantic biocultural organisation inverness uk facing cancer you your vet effects of radiotherapy alone surgery radiotherapy on survival of dogs with nasal tumours european journal of companion animal practice cooperative microeconomics a game-theoretic introduction princeton university press princeton nj usa on additive methods to share joint costs japanese economic review an appraisal of cooperative game theory revue d'économie politique cases in marketing management addison-wesley wokingham uk stratlogics towards an expert systems approach to the analysis of competitive positioning journal of strategic marketing bankstrat a strategic marketing expert system for retail banking journal of strategic marketing gender effects to the foundation of overall product satisfaction a multivariate approach journal of international consumer marketing the future development of the hotel sector an international comparison international journal of contemporary hospitality management forecasting the tourism environment using a consensus approach journal of travel research 3d imaging system for clinical applications medical electronics the missing dimension in eu environmental technology policy european environment habermas the state of critical theory in the 1990s humanity society continuous system simulation chapman hall london uk enhanced environments for the development validation of dynamic system models mathematics computers in simulation modelling limitations for helicopter flight control design in eurosim '95 simulation congress vienna austria 11-15 sept 1995 gaptutor - 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implantation by epitaxy on epitaxial buffer layers prepared at high low temperatures in semiconducting insulating materials 1996 proceedings of the 9th conference on semiconducting insulating materials (simc' mobility selection in scottish university medical education 1858-1886 medical history can juvenile atlantic salmon use multiple cue systems in spatial learning?

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