Camp grounds style and homosexuality

12-Dec-2017 15:54

Step into the stream of what gay means or homosexual means or same-sex attraction means and you find you step with them into a fun house mirror.It seems to me that the truth of things, including the meaning of words, ought to be clear, precise, even simple.Yet another pastor said to a Bible-study group Belgau attended that he was not opposed to gay leadership in student Christian groups “as long as the first thing they do is lead themselves and their faggoty-assed friends right out of my church.” Given these experiences, which the New Homophiles want us to understand are not uncommon, it makes sense they would want something new and welcoming from the Church.There is much to admire in the work of Ron Belgau and his friends. They challenge those of us who may have been less than kind on this topic and certainly challenge all those Catholics who have sullied Church teaching on marriage. They seem to want to obfuscate the meaning of words.So it should be understood that whatever terms you and I would use, to them, are likely insufficient and even wrong.The New Homophiles also want you to know that they do not all agree on everything.

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He relates the gut-wrenching story of coming out to his Baptist minister who proceeded to launch into a long tirade about the abomination of “AIDS, the gay lifestyle and anal sex.” Belgau told his Pastor about his intention to be celibate and the Pastor began a new barrage about the evils of celibacy.

Both Side A and Side B are largely skeptical of conversion therapy. Belgau is very impressive in his defense of traditional Catholic teachings on sex and marriage.

He writes, “It is true that too much attention to the niggling details of sexual rules can distract us from what Bible passages about sexuality have to say about God.

His life is further complicated by the fact that he believes in God and in His Church. He can reject his religious beliefs and dive headlong into the gay life style.

He can try reparative therapy and become heterosexual.

Belgau and Chris Damian have both gone on at length about the difficulty of such terms.