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30-Sep-2017 08:21

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In season one, viewers were outraged by the death of poor Barb (Shannon Purser) and how suddenly it seemed her friends forgot her.Then (spoiler alert) season two saw tragic Bob (Sean Astin) killed at the claws of the creatures from the Upside Down.WOW.'The video was subsequently widely shared, eventually coming to the attention of Shannon Purser, who played Barb on Stranger Things.She was incensed by the accusations by the fans, and snapped back at them in a series of tweets.'Okay, no.

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But things are pointing at one of the main kids being killed off in season three due to the young star's hectic schedule.Stranger Things and Stranger Things 2 are available to stream on Netflix.The Stranger Things cast mates of Finn Wolfhard rushed to his defense after a slighted fan labeled him 'rude' online.It isn't the first time Finn has found himself to be in the middle of controversy in the last week.

Model Ali Michael, from Texas, caused an uproar after she shared an image of the Canadian child star in an Instagram story last week with a caption that sent many fans into a rage.Jason will stop by to officially reunite with Jake (Hudson West), but it won’t go as well as his reunion with Danny (T. He likes having Drew as his dad, so he’ll insist that he doesn’t want Jason there.