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Fans will help pay for the upkeep, as a capital replacement surchage will be levied on all tickets and remitted to the city after spring training.The renovation of Florida Auto Exchange Stadium is budgeted at ,259,901 with the Bobby Mattick Training Center upgrades set at ,784,290, and both projects assume an April 2018 start date.The complex will also feature covered batting tunnels, a covered agility field and an inclined agility field, along with new offices and clubhouses that will feature a 10,000 square foot gym, a hydrotherapy room with various tubs and pools, an 800 square foot yoga studio, a sports science lab with the space for a built-in force-measurement platform, an exam room for doctors, an X-ray room and 22-foot ceilings in the big-league clubhouse with windows to allow natural light and the ability to darken the room.As part of the agreement, the Blue Jays must host an average of 15 big-league games each year for a total of 375 games over the lease’s duration.“(The state funding) is actually money that’s been set aside by legislation specifically for spring training facilities. We, collectively with the city and county, have to meet the requirements of that application process, but it’s not really a negotiated process.“They may be looking for more information or maybe some tweaks to the information we’ve given them, but the money is already set aside for spring training facilities, with the caveat that it’s politics and anything can change.” Other teams based in Florida for spring training have applied for and received the state funding in the past.

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There are similar camera requests for all six full fields called for in the club’s upgraded training facility.

Senate released legislative text for the much rumored conference bill. As in previous iterations of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the conference bill does not distinguish between PTCs and ITCs earned in respect of qualifying projects that have already been placed in service or begun construction.