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The CIA is set up as a military organization with a sacred chain of command that cannot be violated.

Somebody tells you what to do, and you salute and do it. The CIA’s executive management staff compartments the various divisions and branches so that individual CIA officers can remain detached.

Movie producer Harvey Weinstein, who stands accused of multiple incidents involving sexual harassment or assault, apparently employed – via his lawyers – an Israeli private investigations firm, Black Cube, which is run by former Mossad agents, to do his dirty work – namely, silencing his sex abuse victims through spying and intimidation.

Services offered by Black Cube include several forms of professional lying: (“Social engineering” refers to the psychological manipulation tactics used by undercover agents.) More serious, though, is the psychological terrorism experienced by the victims, such as the three women Farrow refers to here: Since the allegations against Weinstein became public, Lubell hasn’t slept well.

The term “intelligence potential” means it has some use for the CIA. If they can’t find a way to structure the program or operation so they can deny it, they won’t do it.…Most people have no idea what cops really do. They don’t see the cops associating with professional criminals and making money in the process.

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After a year of concerted effort, Weinstein’s campaign to track and silence his accusers crumbled.

Because Colby had vouched for me, Donohue was very forthcoming and explained a lot about how the CIA works.…Donohue said the CIA doesn’t do anything unless it meets two criteria.

An email might look like, Hey, saw some great news about you—just wanted to say congratulations!… continue reading »

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Ik ging op zoek naar een leuke chatbox en die vond ik bij Wat er toen gebeurde zou..lezen Ik liep de straat in waar mijn vriendje woonde. We kunnen het heel goed vinden samen en ze luistert goed,..lezen De laatste keer dat ik mij vingerde deed ik het met behulp van mijn rat.… continue reading »

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Most of them, including Fap Shows and Im Live have one main way of interacting with the cam models and that is by going into a private chat.… continue reading »

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Marzia je našla utočište u poslu nakon majčina nestanka i sestrina suđenja.… continue reading »

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All links on this site lead to pages provided by 3rd parties.… continue reading »

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anyone reading this who is down on themselves, please keep your chin up… The stigma will subside as most of the population will find out they have it.… continue reading »

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Women had flagged Lawrence to the site, but no single entity had been able to “join the dots” and prevent crimes taking place, he said. In an article in 2013 for Consumers Digest, Mandy Ginsberg, Match’s CEO, is quoted as saying: “is no different than society.… continue reading »

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Other unipolar neurons found in invertebrates do not even have distinguishing processes such as dendrites.… continue reading »

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