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Chances are, you’ve already messed up by eating something you thought was safe, only to realize later that it contained, say, chicken broth.Or in my case—yum—stomach enzymes and fish bladders. Consider it a lesson learned and give yourself a pat on the back for caring enough to even think twice about what you eat.While some domestic cheeses list rennet as an ingredient, others simply say “enzymes,” leaving the buyer unsure whether or not any stomachs are being ripped open to get those goodies.Your best bet, if you’re unsure, is to choose “vegan parmesan,” a combination of nutritional yeast and, sometimes, nuts that actually does a pretty good job of pretending.Well, it’s not true; Oreos don’t contain lard anymore, if they ever did. If you said “tortillas,” I say Fortunately, many brands have removed the animal fat from their tortillas, but it’s still worth a check.

This trope is usually identified with Love at First Sight.You can get much more info in this guest post on vegan beer by Billy from Billy, but the least you need to be aware of is that many beers are clarified with isinglass—that’s fish bladders to you and me.