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Growing up, I wasn’t the type of kid who knew how to fix things.I wasn’t into cars or building tree houses and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why my Discman kept skipping (yes, it was because I was moving).In an ideal world, when someone types in “Nutella cookies recipe,” you’d want an ad that has the following headline: “Nutella Cookies Recipe.” So how do you go about perfecting your message match? Single keyword ad groups (aka SKAGs) allow you to control the message match between the keyword and the text ad because only one keyword will trigger that specific ad.When you only have one keyword per ad group, your best bet will be to make your ad super specific to that keyword.Many people do this because all those keywords fit a common theme.Sadly, it’s actually recommended by Google to do it this way within the Ad Words dashboard: What Google fails to mention is that having that many keywords per ad group can make search-to-ad message match hard to achieve.

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In the split second it takes someone to decide which ad to click, yours becomes instantly more relevant.

What you may not know is that your shorter tail keywords could be stealing away impressions from your longer-more-specific-tail keywords.

Usually, this happens because Ad Words doesn’t know how to correlate the search term to your long-tail keyword because of the match types you’ve chosen. You don’t want your newly-created SKAGs to go to waste, right?

This will also have a positive impact on your landing page Quality Scores as Google sees that your page is very relevant to the keyword you’re bidding on.

With dynamic keyword insertion in place, your PPC funnel could essentially look like this: This trifecta of strategies will make ads more relevant to your leads and will result in increased conversions. SKAGs, ad group level negative keywords and dynamic keyword insertion work together to improve the relevancy of the ads seen by your visitors and give visitors a consistent experience.This means that your ad for the keyword “Nutella crepe recipes” could and should look like this: The reason why this ad is better and more relevant is because you have the keyword you’re bidding on in the ad itself. Higher relevancy = higher click-through rate = higher Quality Score = lower cost per click = lower cost per conversion.