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Other relatives include Matita Glassborow, Jean Harrison, Stephen Lupton, David Middleton, Elizabeth Middleton, Timothy Middleton, John Middleton, Richard Middleton, Simon Middleton, Nicholas Middleton, Adam Middleton and Lucy Middleton.

An invitation has been sent to the chairman of Reading FC, John Madejski, who lives near the family in Berkshire, confirming the Middletons move in well-connected circles.

Other names on Kate's list include Marlborough friend Alicia Fox-Pitt, Meghann Gunderman – who is coming over from the States – her favourite designer Daniella Helayel, director of Issa, and Katie Readman, who also works for the label.

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Virginia Fraser, daughter of Lord Strathalmond and a neighbour of the couple in St Andrews, will also attend, along with their former flatmates Olivia Bleasdale, Oli Baker and Fergus Boyd, and Oli's and Fergus' wives Mel and Sandrine.

The Prince's best friends from Gloucestershire, known as the 'Glosse Posse', are all on the list, including Amanda Bush – nicknamed 'Bouncing Tigger' because of her lively character – Lady Catherine Percy, the daughter of the Duke of Northumberland, and her husband Patrick Valentine.

The Duke and Duchess of Northumberland's other children, Lady Melissa Percy, George Percy (Earl Percy) and Lord Max Percy are all invited, as is Captain Jack Mann, the polo-playing son of mercenary Simon Mann, Harry Aubrey Fletcher and his new wife Louise, and Harry's parents Sir Henry and Lady Aubrey-Fletcher.

William has invited his former nanny Tiggy Pettifer, formerly Legge-Bourke, her husband Charles and their sons Frederick and Tom, who is also a pageboy.

Photographer Alistair Morrison, whose work she curated, and his wife are invited, as is Sarah Dawson, the Head of Corporate Fundraising at Starlight Children’s Foundation, with which Kate has worked closely.They have also invited Tory MP Richard Benyon and his second wife Zoe, who entertained Carole and Michael at his country pile, Englefield House, recently.

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