Online multiplayer sex flash games

18-Nov-2017 22:22

Friday’s here and we’ve got 100 reasons to stay in this weekend with Play Station Store’s Co-op Flash Sale.

Friends or foes, couch co-op or online multiplayer, save up to 90 percent on games best played together.

It’s all so anti-consumer, I don’t even look at teh video section.

I haven’t bought any movies, but I have bought a couple TV series from the PS Store.

Steam summer sale is on Sony, why would I spend usd on the jackpack a game I’m actually interested in with a terrible price.

Also as always holding back the best co op games even for a 3 day sale. Why no Divinity Original Sin, no Diablo 3 basically all the best coop games are not even on the list including ones Sony could offer up like Bloodborne and the dlc which I would buy and has been on sale 2 times that I have seen individually.

I’m all for digital, but since all physical copies fully install to HDD, if physical is cheaper, I’d rather have that.

But PS3 and PS4 will be dependent on network service, and if they aren’t supported, kiss those day one patches goodbye for fresh installs. Just to clarify about Bloodborne before everyone jumps on board to tell me how the game and the bundle have been on sale repeatedly, yes I am aware of that, however I own the physical copy and am waiting to buy the expansion on sale. B tier fighting games not really fitting the theme of Co-op online or off, Blaz Blue, Guilty Gear and dive kick but not the premier fighting games like MKX, SF5, T7, IJ2 etc even 10-25% off T7/IJ2 could go a long way here for fun games with friends.

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