18-Sep-2017 08:36


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However, due to the recent switch to Facebook advertising, the growth rate has started to climb again.

I am still experimenting with the Facebook campaigns to find the most effective strategy.

These are ones on life-support, someone is still paying their web hosting and domain name fees probably without realizing it: Yippee, the Facebook fans page for Brainiac finally has 50 fans!

Initially only a few of my friends had joined, and I could not get much momentum going especially since I am very careful who I call a friend.

I will contact the Museum of Natural History and see if they are interested.

There are other things like this such as nerd night in NY, and mindshare in LA.

The tracking is a little tedious since there is no conversion code, and I can only run and measure one campaign at a time.

I asked Facebook support about this, and they could not give me any timeline when conversion tracking would be available.

At, we believe education is one of the key ingredients of compatibility, and for some, the most important.” Medical Love connection: “Online dating with medial professionals.

News needs to spread by word of mouth for it to grow.

Anyway, I have uncovered several interesting former smart singles themed sites and followed the links to try reach their websites. Let us pause for a moment of silence to remember them.

You think Fantasy Football is even better than the real thing and that a spreadsheet is a perfectly reasonable way to keep track of past relationships.

You’re already designing an art car for next year’s Burning Man, and you can’t stop talking about the endemic plants of the genus Ipomea that were recently put in to protect the coastal zone near your home.

So in order to get the fan page going I created a Facebook ad campaign to direct Facebook members to the specific fan page, and viola they began coming in droves.