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WOVEN GATHERING BASKET: Sullivans Cove, Hobarts waterfront precinct, was inhabited by the Mouheneer for at least a thousand generations.

Their inherent connection to the land runs deeply, bypassing the changes over the last two centuries, and it is through the use of arts and traditional craft that enables them to keep their culture flourishing.

an auctioneer with some of the functions of a banker, paying the seller out of his own funds and later recovering the sum with interest from the buyer.

If my character is flawed by a few minor faults, but is otherwise decent and moral, if you can point out only a few scattered blemishes on an otherwise immaculate surface, if no one can accuse me of greed, or of prurience, or of profligacy, if I live a virtuous life, free of defilement (pardon, for a moment, my self-praise), and if I am to my friends a good friend, my father deserves all the credit...

In 1909 she was at Gray Brother’s pier, Adventure Bay and loading timber for Adelaide when an easterly gale sprung up.

Captain Shimmins tried to move her to deeper water but she grounded on the rocks.

His own work consists mainly of drawing, although he also works periodically as a sculptor and installation artist.

The Foyer artworks at The Henry Jones were installed on December 4th, 2009.

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BELL FROM THE NATAL QUEEN: For many years the iron barque, Natal Queen, traded between Tasmania and mainland ports.Images of his childhood setting and references to it are found throughout his poems.Horace's father was probably a Venutian taken captive by Romans in the Social War, or possibly he was descended from a Sabine captured in the Samnite Wars.2009Wax crayon228 x 300cm The Henry Jones Art Hotel Collection Lindsay Broughton was Head of the Drawing Studio at the Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania for 25 years.

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Since retiring, he continues his art practice in Hobart.The drawing is of a traditional woven basket used for gathering and is a beautiful acknowledgment.

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In contrast, Class 2–3 dates, which are based on materials that have a high risk of imprecision and/or inaccuracy, have a larger spread of ages, and these are often used to support longer chronologies in the region. Our LAEM and our EAEM for initial colonization are listed below each island group and are represented by the yellow band.… continue reading »

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